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Hey friends! How are you all doing?
The warmer weather is definitely lightening up my mood. Since summer’s quickly approaching, let’s all go get a pair of Zungle and start working out! Running? Riding?

On today’s post we will be comparing the speakers of Bose Frames and Zungle Viper, the two hot Bluetooth audio sunglasses in the market. As you may already know, both products seem similar but are different. Now let’s focus on the speakers and get this review going!

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#1 Bose Frames Vs Zungle Review - Design


First things first.
Zungle Viper has built-in Bone Conduction Speakers while Bose Frames have normal miniaturized speakers that direct sounds to users.


An advantage of Zungle’s Bone Conduction Speakers is the sound insulation. If you are on low volume, the person next to you can’t hear your music or phone calls. However, it’s true that when Bone Conduction Speakers are on max volume, the person next to you can hear the sound. Our R&D team will continue to do their best in improving this factor!




Bose Frame’s miniaturized speakers are very much like the speakers in our smart phones. In this image of the Bose product taken apart, you can see the speakers. Sound is amplified through the plastic (surrounding the speakers) that are arranged in a specific form and structure. Do you see the empty space in the red circle? That's what I'm talking about.

We’ve also developed and considered including miniaturized speakers but we stopped. The reason is because there was too much sound leakage. I guess music’s okay but imagine the person next to who’ll get to hear all of your phone calls between you and your mom.   


An advantage of normal miniaturized speakers is that they don’t waste your battery life. The speaker’s unit is about the same size as smart phone speakers so these speakers consume less power compared to Bone Conduction Speakers. Less power consumption means a longer battery life and with the small battery size, these speakers have a greater advantage in design. This is an extremely important element in developing smart glasses. 


Hmm...But Bose Frames' battery life is too short....Bose Frames have a 110mAh battery HOWEVER we ZUNGLE Viper has two 115mAh batteries. The battery life is almost twice better than Bose Frames. Yup!! Yup!!


Normal miniaturized speakers and Bone Conduction Speakers deliver sound in different ways.  Like I mentioned earlier, miniaturized speakers are similar to smart phone speakers while Bone Conduction Speakers physically express sound by actually transmitting sound waves onto your skin’s surface.


When you have Bone Conduction Speakers on, the speakers continuously thump, matching the audio’s beat. Zungle Viper’s customers believe that this is the best and honestly speaking, the most amazing feature of the product.  


Okay well that’s it for today!!

As time goes we will share a lot more things about bone conduction sunglasses and audio sunglasses. I’m going to start getting in the habit of running outside since the weather’s warmer.
Also, to prep for my summer trip to Ibiza, Spain. 🇪🇸
If you see someone wearing Zungle sunglasses in Ibiza, that might be me. 

Hasta luego!



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