Top 5 Activities to Enjoy with Audio Sunglasses

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Long time no see everyone! I’m back to blogging.  
It’s spring and the damn winter is finally OVER!
I assume everyone’s busy working out these days?
Summer is right around the corner so perfect time to start! 

Today’s topic is: Top 5 Activities to Enjoy with Audio Sunglasses.
Trust me. With the help of ZUNGLE, anything can get better 😉

1. Running
Aka The most popular activity among ZUNGLE users. On Instagram there seems to be a lot of runners that use ZUNGLE. It’s honestly annoying taking both your pair of sunglasses and headphones out on a run. With a single of ZUNGLE Vipers, you can avoid the rays and enjoy music simultaneously. Check out the review below by a fellow runner.

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2. Biking 
Who doesn’t love biking? It’s dangerous riding with loud music so bikers can make use of ZUNGLE’s bone conduction technology. Also, ZUNGLE Viper has an open ear system that allows users to enjoy music while being aware of surroundings. (Must-have biking gear, for sure.)  

ZUNGLE Polarized Lens always come to use. You can see very well through these lenses and it’s made of TAC material which protects your eyes!
Oh btw, ZUNGLE products aren’t goggle-shaped so I wouldn’t recommend it for friends who road/mountain bike. I recommend for fixed gear riders. I highly recommend using the Viper this spring!



3. Fishing
I have a friend from Alaska who recently bought a pair of ZUNGLE Vipers. Based on what he said, Viper is ideal for people who love to fish! He said people can enjoy nature’s sound while listening to music or even a podcast. For all of my fishing enthusiasts, why not test out ZUNGLE Viper this weekend?



4. Golf

A lot of you golf, right? Are ya’ll good? What’s your average score? We can’t forget to mention ZUNGLE with golfing. It’s ideal golfing gear!
Viper uses Bluetooth 5.0 so you can leave your phone in the golf cart. The Bluetooth distance is quite long so you most definitely can listen to music and take phone calls. If there’s nothing blocking your connection within 50 meters, you’re all set!
Only thing you have to worry about is your phone going missing. You can take golf lessons with the Viper and practice your swings!



5. Doing Absolutely Nothing
The most highly recommended activity of all! Not doing anything. Just enjoy the weekend weather and chill! Grab your favorite pack of beer and listen to some music by the pool or something. Working out is good but never forget to treat your self!



Why are weekends so short?
I’m already thinking about what to do this weekend.
Stay tuned for my next blog!


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