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What are the details of Warranty?
Zungle adheres to the 1-year warranty policy, service repairs that occur within a year of its purchase are free. - However, repairs for the damages occurred, due to the fault of the user will be charged. You can check out the details from Warranty Disclaimer
What kind of lens comes with Panther?
Panther will be equipped with the 100% UV400 Protection lens, with 7 varieties of color selections.
Is there a different fit for the different genders?
Zungle Panther is designed to fit all the gender distinctions.
Does Zungle Panther provide with a quality sound?
Panther provides superior sound that compete with the normal earphones. There isn’t much a difference.
Which smartphone is Zungle Panther compatible with?
Zungle Panther is compatible with all the IOS, Android, and Window smartphones.
Does it come with a charger?
'Micro USB 5 pin charging cable' is provided with the purchase. Chargers are not included.
Is there anything else that comes with the package besides sunglasses?
The package of Zungle Panther are; 1 Zungle Panther, 1 Micro USB 5 pin charging cable, 1 eyewear cleaning cloths, and 1 soft case.
Is there an option for a polarizing lens?
Zungle Panther is compatible with Oakley Frogskin lens. You can easily purchase a polarizing lens from Oakley website.
Can it be used as a regular sunglasses?
If you don’t turn on the Zungle Panther, it’ll just be a regular sunglasses.
Will you ship internationally?
Zungle has its operations in both USA and South Korea. Products for North and South America will be shipped from Zungle USA, and products for Asia, Europe, and others will be shipped from Zungle S. Korea.
Is Zungle Panther Waterproof?
We are targeting to achieve IP4-5 water proof level. If we apply a touch pad, it will not have any issue with water resistance.
How long is the playing time?
With a 300mAh battery, you can listen to music up to 4hours/ make phone calls for 5hours / without doing anything it will stay on up to 100 hours. Since battery is our main concern, we will keep working on developing a great product.
What are the materials of the frame?
The frame is made of TR(Tetoron Rayon) which is very light and flexible material. Also, we are planning to apply PEI(Poly Etherlmide) which has a strong durability against heat and sweat. A part of the frame will have Flex-material that gives you a comfortable fit.
Who has experience in the industry?
The CTO, G.K.Lee has more than 20 years of experiences in developing/creating MP3 players. He has been working in the same industry (audio technology) since 1996 and it was even before than the first i-Pod came out. Also, the designers of our team have minimum 6 years of experiences in developing industrial robot technology and electronic device and etc. Moreover, we have co-worked with several hand-made glasses masters.
Who has experience in Bluetooth technology?
As you may know, there are so many Bluetooth technologies in the world. It is not a special or new technology for everyone. The Bluetooth chip that we use is called CSR which is the most commonly used Bluetooth chip for most of smartphones.
Who has experience manufacturing products on a grand scale?
As it is mentioned above, the key members of our team are from a marketing agency. And they have experiences in mass production. They mostly worked for Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors and their job was manufacturing the promotional goods like electronic devices including portable speakers for thousands of people all around the world.
Who has large scale marketing experience?
As I mentioned above, our team members are from a marketing agency called Innocean Worldwide which is a well-known marketing agency for its Super Bowl TV commercial. Moreover, some of our members have marketing experiences in mega events such as FIFA World Cup, UEFA EURO, CES and etc. Working at a world famous marketing agency for almost 10yrs helped us have a sense of marketing.
Who has large scale finance experience?
Our CFO, David Park has managed the finance of a US$ 700 million worth company. Also, he was one of the team members of executing Initial Public Offering of a US$ 1.1 billion worth company in Korea.
Who has plastics experience?
Our CTO and designers are experts of materials such as metal and plastics. They have experiences in handling various materials. For the very first prototype of Zungle Panther, we have tried different materials that are already used in normal glasses (Acetate, Titanium, Beta Titanium, etc). Then, we figured out the best material for our product which is not a normal polycarbonate.
Who has experience in bone conduction audio experience?
Originally our bone conduction speaker was made for Google Glass. We have a partnership with a company that has patent on its bone conduction speaker. Then, we improved the sound quality of the bone conduction speaker than before.