What is a Pre-order?
A Pre-order is a way of order placed for an item that has not yet been released. ZUNGLE's Pre-order is offering you the lowest price before the official release.

Is Pre-order reliable?
The Pre-orders made on ZUNGLE’s official website are 100% guaranteed with release date shipping. Do not miss the chance to be the first Viper/Lynx owner!
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Where can I use the ZUNGLE Viper & Lynx?
Let ZUNGLE Viper & Lynx be your company wherever you go!
A lot of ZUNGLE supporters have been telling us that they are very excited to use Viper & Lynx during their outdoor activities such as riding a bike, skateboarding and etc.

What’s the difference between ZUNGLE Viper and ZUNGLE Lynx?
The only difference between ZUNGLE Viper and ZUNGLE Lynx is the design of the front frame.
Choose whichever will make you look coolest. We cannot wait to see you all rocking with ZUNGLEs!
For more information, CLICK HERE to see the product details.

How does the bone-conduction technology work?
Bone-conduction technology was originally invented for medical and military purposes. ZUNGLE products deliver the sounds to your skull via vibration.
* Please note that sound leakage may be produced by vibration when the volume is turned extremely high.

Can I change the lens color?
Each Frame comes with a default lens color. This is due to lessening the complexity in the mass production stage. If you want different lens colors, you can always purchase extra lenses!
Please CLICK HERE to check out our lens packages.

Can I use the Viper & Lynx with prescription lenses?
You can simply get a set of prescription lenses from your local optical store. If the size and dimension are exactly the same as the lenses we provide, you can swap and replace them any time!
Please CLICK HERE to see more details about the products.

When will you start shipping?
If you buy now, the product will be shipped in 3 or 4 weeks. If you have questions regarding the shipping schedule, please contact us via

Do you ship Worldwide?
We are ready to take over the world smart glasses market. So YES, we do. However, there might be some countries are not included at the moment due to the Shipping/Customs regulatory issues.
Please CLICK HERE to see Available Shipping Country.

How much is the discount rate?
You will receive up to 40% discount for Pre-orders, before the official release date.
You can CLICK HERE to Pre-order now!

What is your return policy?
Please CLICK HERE to read our Return & Exchange policy.
*NOTE: Returning item(s) is not eligible for refund or exchange, if not using a proper return label issued by ZUNGLE (p.s. Don’t worry, they will be awesome).