ZUNGLE Viper Size & Weight
Fit: Approximately 142*153*49 mm / 50g.

ZUNGLE Lynx Size & Weight
Fit: Approximately 142*153*52 mm / 50g.

Battery Life
Zungle Viper & Lynx have 115 mAh*2 Li-Po battery. Playing time is approximately 4 hours. It takes approximately an hour to fully charge.

ZUNGLE Viper & Lynx are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with Smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc. Wireless range is approximately 30 feet (10 meters).

Lens Details
Viper & Lynx will be equipped with the 100% UV400 Protection lens, with 8 varieties of color selections.

Anti-scratch Film
If you are experiencing blurry vision with our lenses, it is because of Anti-scratch film.
Please remove the film before use.

Prescription Lenses
You can get a set of prescription lenses from your local optical store.
If the size and dimension are exactly the same as the lenses we provide, you can swap and replace them any time.

Are the lenses compatible with both Viper and Lynx?
They are NOT compatible as the difference between Viper and Lynx is the front frame design. Please make sure to purchase proper extra lenses depending on the product you have.

Product Care
Safety Guidelines
Please VISIT HERE to read the Safety Guidelines prior to using the Product(s). Failure to follow (or violating) these instructions may be dangerous, and shall void Zungle Warranty.

Cleaning Your Viper/Lynx
You can clean the Product(s) only with soft dry cloth.

Bone-Conduction Technology
Bone-conduction technology was originally invented for medical, and military purposes. ZUNGLE products deliver the sounds to your skull via vibration.
* Please note that sound leakage may be produced by vibration when the volume turned extremely high.

How do I pair with my Smart Device?
1. Hold BOTH of the power buttons simultaneously for 3 secs to turn on the Product.
2. After the power`s on, the LEFT LED light blinks and the Bluetooth pairing begins.
3. Find “got ZUNGLE?” on your smart device and pair it.

For further help, E-mail us at support@zungleinc.com. We will do our best to assist you under the shortest duration of waiting.

How to charge
1. Check out the charging ports at the end of BOTH legs.
2. Connect BOTH charging ports to charging cables before use.
3. Charge the Product for 1 Hour. RED light indicates low battery and CYAN light indicates full battery.
4. When the CYAN light appears on BOTH legs, disconnect the charging cables.